Happy 4 year anniversary Tanner!

This year has been one for the books. In one year we went from being renters, parents of one. To home-owners, parents of two. Actually, if I’m being very specific, that all happened within one month…the other 11 months of this year have been busy either preparing for those events, or adjusting to our new life.

It has been so fun settling in OUR home this year. Lot of learning has happened. Lots of wondering how the crap a house can suck up so much of our budget. Lots of using the youtube to learn how to fix said house. But one of my favourite feelings in the world is at about 8 pm every night. Tanner and I put the girls to bed, finish the dinner dishes and pick up all the toys. Then we usually turn the lights down low and snuggle on the couch to watch our latest Netflix obsession. I love that feeling, listening to the dishwasher run, all snuggled in our little home.

It feels like our family grows and adjusts to be a new family every couple of months. First we were those crazy people that were pregnant while still having a baby. Then we were those crazy people with two babies. We slowly morphed into parents of one crazy, chatty, adorable little toddler, and a sweet sleepy little baby. Now I feel like we’re morphing again into parents of two toddlers. Every stage has been exhausting. Every stage has been frustrating in one way or another. But every stage just makes my heart want to burst with how much love and cuteness there is in our home because of those two little girls.

Thanks Tanner for a year to remember. I love our home, I love our girls, and most of all I love you. Thank you for taking care of us, our home, our family. Thank you for working so hard every day to provide for us. And thank you for how fiercely you love and protect our girls, and me. You are my best friend, and I can’t imagine doing this life thing with anyone else.

I love you. IMG_4938

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