Quinn: 10 month round-up [May 22-June 21]


Quinnie pooh officially learned to play peek-a-boo!

See how I rhymed there 😉 This is seriously one of those milestones I feel like I worked at so hard with Sunday…and yet with Quinn one day she just started doing it, and I was like great…thanks for learning stuff on your own kid 😉 haha sorry second  child.

She also has knows all the actions to patty cake and love to clap, roll, and throw her hands up in the air. Seriously, did I mention I’m shocked all this is coming so fast!


We’re officially getting into the swing of summer, which means lots of times at splash parks and just parks in general. Quinn LOVES to splash and play in the water, and looks good doing it 😉 I totally planned on this swimsuit being her swimsuit for the summer…but apparently her belly has different plans haha.


This kid LOVES to eat. Like, anything. I’m pretty sure we gave her some steak this month and she gummed it down haha. She’s got her top two teeth this month, which should help. But teeth or no teeth, Quinn is a champion eater.

Quinn earned the nickname “Quinn the creeper” this month (or at least that what I called her) because she finally is on the move! She army crawls everywhere, and is scary fast at it! It’s funny to just hear her little hands slapping on the floor and you know she’s coming to find you haha. She loves being able to finally follow Sunday around…and Sunday loves encouraging her too!

Quinn is also the proud owner of the longest eye lashes known to man…

^^Seriously, summer is the best. Quinn makes it so easy. She’s still napping twice a day, AND sleeps through the night. She’s so easy going, which makes it easier for us to adventure about. She and I get lots of bonding time sitting and playing while Sunday runs around like the wild child that she is. It’s hard/fun to picture Quinn running around after Sunday this time next year.


^^Had to get my monthly sleeping picture in. Quinn is seriously the best sleeper ever, but she does not fall asleep on the go unless she completely exhausted (here we went to my mom’s church right during naps and she hadn’t napped in the morning). I can’t really complain, considering how well she sleeps, but I do miss that feeling of a baby falling asleep in my arms. Take what you can get I guess haha.

^^Sunday and Quinn’s sweet little friendship continue. They seriously are the cutest together, and just love to sit and giggle at each other, its the funniest and strangest thing haha.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

^^celebrating Auntie K’s birthday


^^and Father’s day.

^^post bath baby…she actually is a very grumpy post bath baby because she love the bath so much haha


Happy 10 months baby girl! Can’t believe how fast this year is flying by! I love getting to know you better and better each month!

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