Utah trip 2018

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This February my (first!) nephew, Hunter, was born! He was born at 27 weeks, and was in the NICU for a looooong time. Having just had two babies, my first reaction was to buy a plane ticket and be there for my sister. But, since Hunter was in the hospital, and would be for a while, it didn’t really make any sense for me to go down. I asked Shannon if it would ok if I waited and came when he came home from the hospital. Fortunately, that I actually worked better for her. Her maternity leave was only 6 weeks, and started when he was born. So she was actually done with maternity leave before he even came home. SO it much more helpful for me to come when she was working and had him home, so that’s what I did.

Quinn still wasn’t weaned at this point, so I decided to take her with me. It was hard to leave Sunday behind for an entire week, but between Tanner and grandparents she was so spoiled with attention! So Quinn and I took off on an adventure together!


Quinn was seriously the best traveller ever! I was worried because she does NOT sleep on the go (she has to be in a dark room in a bed by herself). And she didn’t really sleep the entire day of travelling…but she’s also the happiest baby in the world and didn’t complain much either. The hardest part was just packing for a baby for the whole week haha. But Quinn did sooooo good- she didn’t cry at all the entire trip to Utah (it was only two flights, but it was a long day).


The entire week was pretty much spent snuggling Hunter, when Quinn was asleep, and just hanging out with Shannon! (oh and eating at all the restaurants I miss so much!) It was so fun to meet Hunter! I still don’t think I can quite fathom how small he was when he was born. He was the size of a full-term newborn by the time I came to visit. He still had a few things (eating)  to work out, but overall he is so healthy and seemed like just a full-term baby. It was so fun for me to be able to snuggle a baby, without having to go through pregnancy and child birth haha. Also, Hunter made Quinn feel like a giant.

I seriously dragged Quinn all over the place. She spent long times in the car (which she’s not used to), her naps and bedtimes would get thrown off, she was with new people all the time, AND still she was the happiest baby in the whole world. It was a little fun to be able to have so much one on one time with her. She was teething that week too- and so a couple of nights I let her snuggle and co-sleep in my bed (which we never do, because she’s such a good sleeper in her own crib), so being able to snuggle my not-so-little baby again was SO fun.

I made some amazing friends during my years living in the states. I didn’t have a lot of time for seeing friends, since the point of my coming was to be of help to Shannon. But I did get to see my best friend from BYUI- Lauryn, and my mission companions Lindsay and Jordan (we just talked for 7 hours straight and forgot to take a picture lol). I’m so grateful for the people heavenly father led into my life and I’m so grateful we’ve been able to stay in contact over the years!


Shannon and I didn’t even take a picture together! Most days we looked like greasy messes anyways because we were just hanging out all day with our babies. If I’m being honest, I doubt I was much help to her. Quinn was in that awkward needy stage where she wants to crawl and chew on everything. She doesn’t play independently, or really play at all, just more explores everything. AND she was teething and clingy (her one fault when she teethes lol), so she wasn’t too happy when I held Hunter. So unless she was asleep, it was hard for me to be on double-baby duty. ANYWAYS, the point is, I hope if I ever go to help my siblings with their baby again, I won’t also have a baby haha. But I’m still glad I went and was able to meet baby hunter!


On the way home, Quinn didn’t fall asleep until our very last flight. It was only a 50 min. flight from Calgary to Kelowna, but there were like 12 babies on that flight. I sat next to a younger couple I could tell was not stoked about being put next to a baby. But while all the other babies screamed, Quinn just snuggled up and fell asleep in my arms. It was so sweet (and probably the last time she’ll ever do that…just not a snuggly child haha), so I was just soaking it up.

Aaaaaaand when we got off the plane, Sunday did not care about me one bit! She was obsessed with and wouldn’t stop smothering Quinn. It was so sweet. They sat in the back seat and giggled at each other the whole car ride home.

It was a crazy trip, but I’m so glad Quinn is a good traveller, and I’m grateful I got the chance to meet Hunter! Next time I travel, I’m taking Tanner. haha.

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