Dear Mr. November,

I've never had any particularly warm and fuzzy feelings about November. In my opinion, it just gets in the way of the start of the Christmas season. Also, it's still fall, yet it gets just cold enough to make you miserable...and make you realize there are still 4-ish more months of miserableness AFTER you survive the month. … Continue reading Dear Mr. November,

Tranquille Beach// Fall 2014

With it getting dark earlier and earlier every day, my sunshine-addicted personality is getting pretty desperate to find time when I can soak up some rays. The heaven's aligned for us, and the sun came out on Remembrance Day. Meaning that despite the fact that the temperature was dangerously near 0°c, we couldn't help but take … Continue reading Tranquille Beach// Fall 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving// 2014

For those of you who don't know, there's a big difference between Canadian and American Thanksgiving. Growing up, my family totally double-dipped in the holiday world and celebrated both. Attending university in the states, I'd round up my fellow Canadian students and we'd celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a potluck dinner. This year, maybe I'll have to … Continue reading Canadian Thanksgiving// 2014